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Used Furniture How To Deal With An Annoying
Jun 21, 2016

Recently, the Quanzhou city municipal utilities authority in central urban areas to set up 14 bulky waste collection point to solve waste problems piled up furniture and other bulky waste discarded, the news caused much public concern. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, replacement of used furniture at home how to deal with the increasingly thorny problems that beset people.

Reporters in recent days found that due to the high cost of recycling, use small, faced selling worthless used furniture, you want to send no one to, throw the garbage is everywhere, want to deal with demanding money situation. In desperation, these old furniture were discarded everywhere, not only affects the environment, causing tremendous waste of resources. Citizens advice, the Government should come forward to lead, increasing support to enhance public awareness of conservation and environmental protection, and to establish an effective recycling system.

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