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Uphold The Principle Of Artisan Spirit To Achieve The Ultimate Mahogany Furniture
Jun 21, 2016

At the end of May on the 12th Expo, Cheung Group exhibits become the eye-catching bright spot, and won four awards of China Arts and crafts cultural creativity awards, and fully embody their profound skill in the design process, accumulated over the years. Invested by auspicious group of mahogany furniture in Shenzhen Shenzhen Museum has in recent years become a new bright spot, new business cards.

For Chinese furniture "quality of play", you can inherit hundred year tradition of high-end mahogany furniture and the quality mark. As a leader of Chinese mahogany furniture, Cheung Li group is one of China's largest mahogany furniture manufacturer, with more than 1800 patents, are five Redwood, the drafters of the national standard in China, overseas has opened 16 mahogany material takes 60% of Burma spent materials

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