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Improving Coincidence Rate Of School Desks And Chairs, Promote Children's Healthy Development
Jun 21, 2016

Into primary and secondary school classroom, you like to see the students ' desks and chairs placed "uniform" or "messy" point? Maybe put "uniform" of student desks and chairs is visually more comfortable, but you know what? Which form the "perfect" practice was actually hurt the child, right children correct posture and spine of the development will be adversely affected, and bring about problems such as nearsightedness, thoracic hump.

In recent years, the city's school health daily supervision and inspection results, the city's schools, drinking water, infectious disease prevention and control teaching environment and living facilities measure basic health management system implemented, indicators and the overall situation is good, but I still found some problems of school desks and chairs placed, not adjusted according to body height seat height.

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