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High-end Market Toward More Sophisticated And Small
Jun 21, 2016

PEAR, a lobular rosewood, red rosewood constitutes a collection of high-end furniture market and the price is unshakable. Speculation on the market before, pointing out that material can replace the PEAR, red rosewood, it is wrong. GB in mahogany, true collectible is the PEAR, leaflets, bright red rosewood rosewood three materials. But is in need of attention, due to the large number of fake and shoddy products is flooding the market, players investing in these three materials, must have professional knowledge.

In General, the furniture collection of major consumer groups are just a few of the mahogany furniture very well or high-end consumer, and not in the general direction on behalf of the consumer groups of Chinese furniture. But there are a lot of people in the industry is pinning its hopes on the minorities, especially the profit rise on valuable materials in the industry before the enterprise, which is very dangerous. Future, the market for high-end collections must be in a more sophisticated direction.

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