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Furniture Maintenance Tips In The Summer, And Now Know It's Not Too Late
Jun 21, 2016

Solid wood furniture

Protective wax or special detergent evenly over the surface of solid wood furniture, and then gently wipe, so that you can maintain its luster and moisture-proof. In addition, you can also easily absorb water under the furniture legs to install waterproof pad, note near an outside wall and bathroom walls to keep air from Oh

Fabric furniture

In hot weather, you can use the moisture in the hair dryer blowing remove the sofa the sofa. Water absorption is best used good sofa towel, and needs to be cleaned frequently. Meanwhile, Fabric sofas should be dusting every week to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture rattan slot is easy to breed mold and, frequently, ventilation must be done well, but not exposed in the Sun after cleaning to prevent deformation or fracture.

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