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Fresh! Vocational School In Furniture Stores And Online Ordering
Jun 21, 2016

Recently, Dongguan furniture training interconnecting base inaugural meeting of school-enterprise cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held at the municipal school of light industry.

Which was initiated by the city school of light industry, Union city furniture more than enterprises and related professional college to form the joint non-profit social organization. Base by introducing a more powerful furniture enterprises moved into vocational schools, in the students ' professional skills teaching, practical training and employment promoting "school-enterprise integration, common education" school model to promote "teaching, learning, research, and" integrated training, thus creating new market needs "seamless"-type hatching base of furniture.

Opening brand activities Shang, interconnected base "one home one products custom furniture", and "name na home furniture electric business", and "furniture designer i+C", and "Expo Park furniture shopping guide", and "days run wood jewelry processing", and "South XING furniture NC production", and "Europe workers international soft loaded design", seven a talent training project official signed, corresponds to project of experience Center, and Design Center, talent training real training site official opening.

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