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Different Kinds Of School Desk And Chair In China Schools
Jan 04, 2017

School desks and chair are divided into the following three categories recently in China schools:

- Solid wood desks and chair: Most of the schools are using the traditional processing of wood from a single desk and chair, double desk and chair in 2000. This kind of furniture is convenient processing, materials for hardwood, but it will cost wood waste, and not durable, However there is still some primary and secondary schools in many poor areas. Because the stool fixed height, adjustable desk was gradually replaced by steel structure.

- The adjustable desk and chair: this kind of desk and chair is height adjustable by the firmware table leg with a sliding shaft between the upper and lower adjustment. The desk is mainly for steel structure, desktop for melamine board, table legs for steel pipe fittings, plastic cap related connection part of the ground protection.

- Plastic desk: mainly uses the rubber alloy material, the mechanical molding school desks and chairs, the number of such products is a fixed structure, non adjustable height, but because of the use of special materials, good quality, durable and lightweight, it has also been part of the school.

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