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Textbooks is growing, desk size the tone a tone
Jun 21, 2016

As the textbook the size becomes bigger and bigger, the original textbook into 16 or even 8 of 32 opened, and now many of the textbooks used are teaching, a book is often divided into several, is also increasing the amount of books. Some schools in order to raise student test scores and graduation rates in schools, provide or require students to purchase all kinds of counselling information free, both increased the amount of books, also add to the burden of students.

Meanwhile, school desks and chairs, dimensions and size is performed by the AQSIQ established in 2002, the school desks and chairs feature size standard (GB/T 3976-2002), the standard desk is divided into 10 models, while the high and low of each model are not the same, desk area size is exactly the same. So, inevitably textbooks and student desks and seize territory.

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