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Shanghai Ministry of education granted the students ' desk reference
Jun 21, 2016

Entered the classroom, put "uniform" of student desks and chairs is visually comfortable, but the pursuit of the perfect forms of practice may have on their children correct posture habit and adversely affect the development of the spine. Yesterday, the municipal public health planning oversight bodies in conjunction with the Education Department on campus, view placed the desk and post "students ' height and type of chairs against the ruler" reminder to teachers and parents concerned about the Chair height is consistent with the child's height problem.

In order to make our schools more intuitive and effective controls and meet the national standards of the school desks and chairs feature dimensions and technical requirements (GB/T3976-2014) correspond to the configuration of the target, the City Health Commission designed and made by the authority of a "students ' height and type of chairs against the ruler" stickers will be promoted in primary and secondary schools, classroom use. Parents can control the table, look at their children in school, at home, the Chair height is appropriate for their height requirements.

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