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How to regulate the use of desks and chairs
Jun 21, 2016

1, health inspection agencies and chairs and desks for educational institutions should grasp the procurement standards, allocation of chairs using standards, the monitoring of daily health management and the teaching and living environment, and increased supervision.

2, changing the one-sided pursuit of desks and chairs, "tidy and easy to manage" tradition, school principals and teachers for the implementation of national standards, according to the scientific understanding of the ergonomic chairs and desks for configuration. Control standards, student sitting height adjust each class for all primary and secondary schools, reorganization of management and inappropriate use of chairs.

3, design a variety of consistent with the spirit of the new curriculum, small class teaching, middle and high school classroom teaching desktop needs, such as desks and chairs. Implementation conforms to the standard, suitable for teaching with a display of functional requirements, combined with the condition of school buildings, increase jobs, operations and the effective use of learning of college students.

4, should be the establishment of educational equipment, technical supervision, health monitoring, supervision and management system of educational supervision and other departments, respectively, school desks and chairs to update the configuration, ordering, production and use of the whole process of supervision and management to ensure safe, secure, suitable desks and chairs in the classroom.

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