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How to judge a variety of children's furniture upgrades good or bad?
Jun 22, 2016

First, it depends on the lifting height range, the greater the scope, tables and chairs can be used longer, even if the prices are a little higher, the average cost will decline. Reference to Polly children table and chairs, seat cushions from altitude range for 25cm-45cm, desk desktop height above ground in the range of 49-75.5cm, for more than 90cm in height of the child, from child 2 years began to accompany child up to 10 years of development time.

Second, to see if lifting without lifting? children each day in long high table requires accurate height adjustment is more adapted to the height of any child. Most low lifting tables are used in the market behind the large screw-type or hand-control methods, only a few fixed-height of the node can be adjusted for, cannot meet the demand for children's growth and learning. High-end furniture brands such as Polly, gas bar desks are no hover, you can hover your mouse over any precise height; learning chair seat cushion and back cushion are made of safety-buckle adjustment is very convenient.

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