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Emergency unit of furniture manufacturers with brand market
Jun 21, 2016

Released in 1988, the school desks and chairs the health standard, identified 9 categories of different height student desk and Chair height standards. For example, between students at 143-157 cm in height, the use of the desk height 67 cm, empty area under the table height is 55 cm, seat height shall be 38 cm. According to this provision, type of school chairs and desks for use can be optional, but must conform to the national standard. But the investigation found that most of the wooden ordinary desks and chairs used in primary schools do not meet the standards. A primary school for first-year students 67.5 cm are equipped with desks, empty area under the table height 46.5 cm, seat height 34.5 cm.

Benefits of lift chairs

Class chairs everyone on this products are not strange, should each parents are worried had children in junior high school of when will myopia, class chairs will occupy students of most time, if class chairs of height and students of height not right of words, time a long on will caused cervical or humpback, also has is will to students brings myopia, especially junior high school students, these problem once occurred, on will effect has children of life, so said junior high school students of class chairs is is important of, if you if for you of children sake, Will your child purchase a lift Chair, can follow their own adjustments to the height of height.

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