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Details of Humanized design of display brand of ingenuity
Jun 22, 2016

(1) desktop is designed with double? double design cutting a variety of functional areas, fixed region is mainly used to place items behind, and in front of the lift area is used primarily for children to learn, affect each other.

(2) desktop can not adjust the tilt angle range is able to achieve the 0-35? 0-20 for writing 25-35 for reading and 35-45 for painting. Table tilt angle adjustment is more conducive to meeting children's learning needs.

(3) the rounded corners for the curved design of the desktop, and uses anti-collision PU edge? is designed to effectively protect children hurt.

(4) the desktop is set near the body can be folded open baffle? prevent desktop when items on the table fell to the ground. Dabaoli deliberately push bezel made into a slide not stainless steel rulers, are too.

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