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Chairs and desks for primary and middle school students will be made to measure
Jun 21, 2016

Primary and secondary schools in the "tall", "big", use the "code" of desks and chairs are so crowded some panic? Don't worry, according to students "automatic adjustment of the desks and chairs" into the classroom, flexor difficulties of solving difficult problems. Reporter learned yesterday from the Education Department of Hefei city, starting next year, the city will not fit a fixed height desks and chairs about 25,000 students configure "adjustable desks and chairs," in order to meet the special needs of students.

"According to the district statistics, starting in 2016, will be for students currently not suitable for fixed height desks and chairs, adjustable desks and chairs, and preliminary estimates the city's 25,000 needs to be configured. ”

City Board said that from next year, each school will be configured according to height, and so on for all students for desks and chairs. And to establish long term mechanism for Exchange of chairs, according to students in the future due to special factors, such as changes in height for timely exchange of chairs are not suitable to complement a number of adjustable desks and chairs, to meet the special needs of students.

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